Flute Trials

This is for trying out new flutes! I offer a private, low pressure opportunity to try out up to 8 flutes in your price range in about one hour. You get to pick your top 3 flutes and take those home with you for a FREE 7-day at-home trial! Please let me know the price range you are interested in by filling out the forms above. That way I will know what flutes to prepare just for you.

Drop off instrument

Dropping off your instrument for a repair like a COA, Overhaul, custom work, or to return new flute at-home trials.

Pick up Instrument

Picking up an instrument after repairs or some new flutes for a new flute trial.


I try to fix the flute while you wait if possible. If it is not possible I can tell you after seeing the flute. Minimum bench fee is $30, and I charge a prorated fee of $100/hour.